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Our Alarm Installation and Response Service is a reliable and cost-effective way to monitor your residential or commercial property. We are a full-service alarm provider from installation to alarm response. Work with our skilled management team to implement the best security service for your home or workplace. Weinstein Security meets your individual needs through a personalized combination of alarm services. No job is too small — or too big!

Alarm services we provide:

Alarm Installation for residential homes or commercial buildings
Our alarm team is knowledgeable on the most effective alarm systems currently available. During a one-on-one consultation we’ll go over your property needs. Together, we’ll design a custom package that meets those needs at your home, property, or place of business. We will recommend and provide a quality alarm system at a competitive price which one of our alarm security specialists will install.

Alarm Repair for residential homes or commercial buildings
Alarm systems we install may need repair from time to time. While infrequent, these repairs will likely need professional technical support. Weinstein Security is on-call to service your alarm system. We repair many issues including faulty door or window alarm contacts, alarm battery or power supply replacement, false alarms that go off without an obvious reason, and annoying alarm beeping.

Alarm monitoring and response
This service is intended to reduce expensive false alarm response by local authorities while keeping your guests and employees safe. False alarms happen to even the most careful people! Law enforcement in California is cracking down on false alarms, even when they are accidental. Many well-meaning citizens are charged or even fined for too many false alarms. With our alarm response, we will detect a false alarm before the authorities.

How we detect false alarms and when authorities are called
Our response protocol can be customized to you and your property. The Weinstein Security alarm response team is available 8:00pm – 5am, 7 days a week, and 365 days per year. An unarmed, uniformed security officer will be dispatched to the site after receiving a call from the alarm agency. Officers typically arrive between 15 to 40 minutes, depending on the location of the nearest officer. The officer will visually check buildings and surrounding areas for any suspicious activity or violations and call the proper authorities if necessary. Each call will be documented in writing. If requested, the security officer can enter the building and reset the alarm in secure and safe situations.

Alarm response rates begin at $65 per response.

Tools we use to secure your property

Weinstein Security, Inc. utilizes one of the largest alarm monitoring companies in the country. Your alarm signal is sent through an electronic switched network to Emergency24′s central station. The system automatically dials the emergency numbers for more accurate and immediate response than your local dispatch can provide.

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What if Local Authorities are Unable to Respond?

We can provide a licensed, uniformed, unarmed security officer that will respond to your alarm in a clearly marked security vehicle for a flat fee per response. That way, you get the caring response you need for yourself, your family, or your loved ones without fines from the municipal emergency response system.

What process does a security officer use to determine if the alarm was false or if there was/is an intruder?

The alarm company tells our alarm response team what doors or windows were tripped and if any motion sensors were activated. Sometimes we can identify a true break in right away based on typical patterns, such as multiple detectors triggered. Depending on the circumstance, we may call the police immediately. In most occurrences, we send an officer to investigate the property with caution. The officer will then call the authorities if necessary or resolve it as a false alarm.

Will your officers remove an intruder from my property?

No, our officers only observe and report. Security Officers will not apprehend any suspects. Proper authorities and/or representatives will be called if anything seems suspicious or out of the ordinary. All of our officers are unarmed.

Competitive Rates

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All of our alarm services require a consultation to design a custom package for your home or business. Rates depend on the security system you choose and the parameters you want our response team to follow when alarms are triggered. System repairs and dispatched officers are only charged upon use. With just a few details, we can give you a service estimate.

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