Guard Presence for Public and Private Events

Event Security Services in Sonoma, Napa,
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Marin Security Guard

Special events require a special touch. We provide reliable and professional Event Security to give you peace of mind at your next public or private event. Our goal is to keep your event safe and problem-free without compromising your guest experience. We offer event security for both small and large-scale events. A uniformed guard at the event venue will give your attendees a sense of safety, deter potential intruders, and assist in any conflict resolution necessary.

Our security supervisors receive extra training to manage special events. They know how to handle issues unique to large groups while providing the highest level of service.

We specialize in event security for most events including the following:

  • Weddings
  • Quinceañeras
  • Company Events
  • High School Events (sports games, dances, proms, graduation and site security)
  • Fundraisers
  • Farmer’s Markets
  • Holiday Parties
  • Wine Tasting
  • Grand Openings
  • Seminars and Trade Shows

How It Works

It’s best to contact us as early in your event planning process as possible. Our experts can anticipate individual event security needs and will work with you to develop a security strategy in advance. We will hold your event date and reserve the appropriate number of security professionals to be on site during your event.

On site, our guards communicate efficiently with each other and the supervisor using dedicated communication channels. Each guard is briefed with a set of rules and procedures to follow planned by you and the supervisor.

Some Tasks Our Event Security Team Can Perform:

  • Event crowd control
  • Securing the event perimeter
  • Ensuring safe entrance and exit strategies
  • Traffic and parking direction
  • Identifying and dealing with intoxicated or dangerous individuals
  • Monitoring for vandalism or theft
  • Assisting in medical emergencies
  • De-escalation of potential dangerous circumstances
Many other tasks are available depending on your specific needs. We will help you determine what tasks should be performed at your next event.


My event is mostly friends and family; do I really need event security?

Even with well-meaning friends and family, some issues can arise, especially when alcohol is present. A security professional can make sure no accidental vandalism occurs, saving you costly venue fees. A guard can help facilitate traffic and parking and suggest that intoxicated attendees call a designated driver. They are also skilled at conflict management, deter party-crashers, and can assist in medical emergencies. At private events, a security guard is often seen as a friendly helper making sure your attendees are happy and safe.

Will the guards intimidate my guests?

Our officers are friendly and courteous — yet firm — when it comes to security issues at your event. Our uniform is professional and serious, but not intimidating or overwhelming. Our presence at your gathering or celebration is competent and respectful that your guests are there to enjoy themselves.

Are all of your guards licensed?

All of our security officers hold a current license with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services within the Department of Consumer Affairs of California. Learn more about our guard’s qualifications here.

Are guards armed or unarmed?

All of our guards are unarmed.

Who is responsible for directing the guards at my event and how will I communicate with them?

Each guard is briefed with a set of rules and regulations before the event and reports directly to the security supervisor on-site. For ease and quick transfer of information, you only need to communicate with the supervisor. The supervisor will then relay any necessary information to the guards.

Competitive Rates

Our event security rates are based on the number of security guards required at your event and the specific tasks you need them to perform. Because each event is unique, we prefer to learn a little more about your needs before providing a quote. We can say that our rates are competitive and our service is excellent. With just a few details, we can give you a service estimate.

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