Our Security Guard Qualifications

Qualified Guards You Can Trust

Marin Security Guard

We take your security seriously. That’s why we hire the best candidates and train them to the highest California standards.

Comprehensive Background Checks

All of our personnel are fingerprinted and must pass a thorough investigation conducted by the Department of Justice and FBI before being issued a Security Guard registration. Our company policy also includes a previous employment check to ensure the guard’s integrity. So you can be certain that the security guard assigned to your site has been thoroughly vetted by multiple parties.

Guard Qualifications

Each and every one of our security officers must pass the "Power to Arrest" test from the Department of Consumer Affairs with 100% accuracy — no exceptions. This thorough test covers all the responsibilities and duties of a security guard. Weinstein Security makes sure every applicant understands all aspects of this exam fully before assigning him or her to any customer site.

Guard Card Training Covers:

  • Powers to arrest
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) & Terrorism Awareness
  • Public Relations
  • Observation and documentation
  • Communication tactics and significance
  • Liability
See the Security Guard Training Regulation page on the California Bureau of Security & Investigative Services website for more in depth information on our guard’s qualifications as mandated by law.


All of our security officers are trained in the duties and responsibilities of being a security guard by our highly experienced management team. They also receive on- the-job training with a supervisor or an experienced security guard approved to train by the management team. In addition, 32 hours of formal in-house training by a qualified professional is required for the security officer during the first six months of licensure. Thereafter, an eight-hour, annual refresher course is required. Other forms of continuing training include access to industry publications, company memos outlining new procedures and information, and industry newsletters.

Drug Testing and Substance Abuse Policy

Weinstein Security has adopted a comprehensive drug and alcohol policy. All employees of the firm are informed of and required to adhere to the policy prior to employment. Strict enforcement of our policy reasonably ensures an illegal drug and alcohol free work environment.

Pride in a Job Well Done

Weinstein Security emphasizes neatness in appearance and integrity in all job requirements. We strive to hire conscientious, community-minded employees who take their jobs seriously, and who continually exhibit pride in a job well done.

Why else should you trust Weinstein Security Guards?

Because we trust them! We’re committed to our team and treat every employee with gratitude and respect. Our guards stick with us; some have even been with Weinstein Security since we opened in 2002. Check out our blog, Sonoma County Security Service Celebrates 16 Years to learn why we value our team so much.

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