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Weinstein Security provides Security Guards for businesses in the California North Bay Area. Hire one of our professionally trained security guards to stand watch over your business. Weinstein Security, Inc. has fully licensed and trained security personnel for when you need a uniformed, unarmed security guard with exemplary training, manners and expertise. We know your business is important to you. That’s why protecting the people and places essential to your business is important to us.

Alarm services we provide:

We work with shopping centers, car dealerships, construction companies, banks, hospitals, clinics, parking enforcement, and many other businesses. Depending on the nature of your industry, we can schedule a security guard to stay on property day or night. Night guards typically monitor while business is closed to protect the property and company inventory. Daytime guards are available during working hours to make sure your customers feel safe and to enforce parking, among other tasks requested by you.

What Our Security Guards Can and Can’t Do

Standing Guards Can:

  • Enforce rules of the property (no trespassing, loitering, illegal parking)
  • Limit access to only authorized persons
  • Provide a presence as a deterrent to any criminal activity
  • Observe and report any incidents independently
  • Call proper authorities when deemed necessary
Night Patrol Officers Can:
  • Check doors, gates, windows, and parking areas for any suspicious or criminal activity
  • Ask trespasser’s to leave or call the police department when necessary
  • Lock pool areas, laundry facilities, and other doors at specific times
Our Security Guards Will Not:
  • Arrest someone
  • Use force or weapons


How do I know if I need a night patrol officer?

We’ll help you figure out what type of security your property needs. We look at factors such as high value inventory on site, if you have employees working late, or if your location is prone to intruders. Sometimes all you need at night is a good security alarm system. We only provide the right services for you and will tell you if there’s a more cost effective way to accomplish your goals.

Are your Patrol Officers licensed?

Yes. All of our security officers hold a current license with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services within the Department of Consumer Affairs of California. Learn more about our guard’s qualifications here.

Can I request that the security guards perform special tasks?

Absolutely! As long as the task is in line with our policies and does not put the guard in any imminent danger. We are proud to say that our security guard services are highly customizable. Talk with one of our security supervisors about any special requests you have and we will do our absolute best to implement them.

Competitive Rates

Our rates are based on the time it takes to thoroughly check your property and perform the requested tasks. Because each property is unique, we prefer to learn a little more about your needs before providing a quote. We can say that our rates are competitive and our service is excellent. All services are billed for on a monthly basis. With just a few details, we can give you a service estimate.

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