Affordable Patrol Service

Protect your Business with Uniformed Patrol Officers

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Patrol Service is an affordable way to prevent problems on your business property when you’re not there, giving you peace of mind. A visible security presence is an effective crime deterrent. Our uniformed security officers patrol your property in clearly marked security vehicles. Among other tasks, they ensure that your employees have properly secured your facility for the night and monitor the grounds for any unusual activity. They patrol randomly so unwanted visitors are never able to predict the officer’s route schedule.

How it Works

Our customized patrol services are designed to meet your needs. A member of our experienced management team will speak with you about the unique requirements of your property. We’ll develop a custom list of tasks for our security experts to perform daily during a range of hours that suits your needs. Our officers have a direct line of communication with the office team 24 hours a day. Officers will instantly notify the proper authorities at your discretion of any criminal activity.

Some Tasks Our Patrol Officers Will Perform:

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  • Check doors and windows
  • Check gates
  • Check perimeters and fence lines
  • Watch for loiterers and trespassers and ask them to leave the property
  • Watch for any suspicious persons or activity on the property
  • Tag cars in parking lots and advise the owners of parking violations
  • Drive through with spotlights as a security presence and deterrent
Many other tasks are available depending on your specific needs. We will help you determine what tasks should be performed at your business


How do I know what the Patrol Officer finds on my property?

We will contact you immediately if there’s ever any criminal activity on your property. Our officers in the field prepare daily reports of your property including open doors, suspicious activity, unauthorized vehicles on the property, and safety hazards and maintenance issues. Those reports are given to our management team for review and then delivered to you.

What type of technology do the patrol officers use while monitoring my property?

Our security officers are equipped with the latest technology so they can report any issues with ease and accuracy. Officers utilize tablets, smartphones, GPS guidance systems, and digital reporting software.

Are your Patrol Officers licensed?

All of our security officers hold a current license with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services within the Department of Consumer Affairs of California. Learn more about our guard’s qualifications here.

Can I contact the patrol officer if I need something unexpected taken care of at my property?

Depending on the terms of your contract, you may be able to contact the security officer directly to assist you with a variety of issues including:

  • Escorting to vehicles
  • Investigating suspicious persons or vehicles
  • Checking on maintenance issues to report to management or the landlord

Still not sure what service is right for you?

See The Ultimate Guide to Securing Your Business Building to help you determine the best security strategy for your business.

Competitive Rates

Our rates are based on the time it takes to thoroughly check your property and perform the requested tasks. Because each property is unique, we prefer to learn a little more about your needs before providing a quote. We can say that our rates are competitive and our service is excellent. All services are billed for on a monthly basis. With just a few details, we can give you a service estimate.

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